‘Astronomy of the mind’ – a new book about astrology

A new book has been published about astrological phenomena, with its title Astrology of the Mind.

Author and astrologer Daniel Mott is the editor of Astrology & Other Essays.

The book explores the way people view astrology and what happens when people don’t fully understand it.

“There are two parts of astrology that are the study of the stars, and the study is really the study that the stars move around, and what they are, and how they interact with the Earth,” Mr Mott said.

“And then you have the study where you look at the Earth and how the planets interact with each other, and then you take that out and you go and study the Moon, you look and say, ‘That’s really interesting, how does the Moon move around the Earth?

How does the Earth interact with it?'”

Astrology and other sciences have a rich history, with people taking a different perspective to how things work, according to the author.

“People used to study astronomy as a science, and that was very important for people like Newton and Galileo and Newton,” he said.

“People thought that astronomy was all about the stars.

But there’s a lot of astrologists who say, this is all about us, and it’s not all about those stars.”

Mr Mott says that people’s views on astrology have changed over time, but he is still passionate about it.

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