The Astrology Café in Vancouver has a new name – ‘the astrology salon’

The Astrological Café in downtown Vancouver has undergone a major facelift and will soon be called the Astrology Salon.

Owner Daniele Del Bocca told CBC News that the name change was inevitable after an extensive search.

“The name of the café has always been Astrology.

It was a big part of the Astrology,” Del Boca said.”

It’s really about finding something new that’s new and new and unique.

I want to find something that’s going to bring something new to the table and I think it’s an ideal name for a place that’s so popular.”

The Astrologie is scheduled to open in March and features a variety of classes including yoga, yoga and meditation, as well as a full-service spa.

Del Bocco hopes the Astrologogy Salon will be a success, with a large, eclectic clientele.

“We have people who come to see us to have a massage or an acupuncture,” Del Baocca said.

“They come to us to do a consultation, or they come to do some of our other services, or to do yoga.

We have people come to the cafe for a massage, to have some tea, for instance.”

For the time being, the Astroturf café will be open seven days a week from noon to 9 p.m.

Monday through Friday.

Del Baocco says that the café is being renamed to reflect its location in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

“I think it will be really cool to have the Astralogies here in the downtown core,” he said.

The Astroturbers café will feature a rotating roster of yoga and massage classes.

Del Baucca said the Astros are hoping to attract a new clientele and are looking to expand into other areas of Vancouver.

DelBocca says the Astrotech Café is not the only one in the city that is changing its name.

“There’s a couple of cafes that have been in the neighbourhood for many years that have changed their names.

So, we’re trying to keep that momentum going,” DelBocco said.

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