What is astrology?

The word “astrology” comes from the Greek words “astronomos” and “astro” meaning “stars”.

The word astrology is a branch of astronomy, a branch which studies the movement of celestial bodies, or stars.

It is used in medicine, astrology predicting the arrival of a new birth or an event.

It can be used to predict what will happen next in the life of a person or animal.

But it is also used as a shorthand for describing the relationship between planets, which is a much more complex and complex field than the movement or alignment of stars.

“Astrology is an astrological science, which uses astrolabes to predict the movement and alignment of planets in the solar system,” astrologer Suzette Kish said.

“It is based on the fact that we can predict what planets are doing with a certain number of planets, but we don’t know what planets the planets are aligning or not aligning with.”

Kish explained that the movement, or alignment, of planets was determined by how closely the planets were aligned or not, but also how much light was reflected from them.

“In the case of the sun, the stars and planets align very closely, so that when we look at the stars from the sky, it is very hard to see the planets, especially the smaller ones,” she said.

The stars of the sky are stars which have been pointed towards the centre of the Milky Way galaxy by the planets and which are also moving towards us.

“So the planets move away from the sun as they are pointing towards the MilkyWay,” she explained.

“We call it the Sun-Centre Lagrange point.”

The Sun is also a big star in the sky which is moving away from us.

“But as the planets align with the Sun, there is an increase in the amount of light reflected from the Sun by the planet.”

If the planets aligned more closely, the planets would be reflecting more light from the light of the Sun,” Kish explained.

So when the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction, it creates a different type of alignment, one which makes it difficult for stars to shine, but not too much light.”

When the planets don’t align at all, the Sun moves away, and so the planets become more and more dim,” K. said.

And in this way, a planet can be more easily seen in the night sky, which makes a planet appear brighter in the morning.”

You can see that if the planets have a little bit of overlap, they can be seen in very dim places, in the dark sky,” Kif said.

Astrology predictions are not made lightly, she said, and if a prediction is not borne out, it’s best to be skeptical.”

What you can do is just keep looking at the sky to see if the stars are align with you, and then if they aren’t aligning, then maybe you should just look at what you can predict,” Kiff said.

You can learn more about the relationship of the planets with the sun and stars by visiting the Planetarium website or the Astronomy Channel website.

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