Astronomers discover new solar system companion planet, but not Uranus

The astronomers from the Australian National University in Canberra have discovered a planetoid orbiting around a star in the far reaches of the solar system.

The astronomers named it Jupiter-Tutella-Cadiz, after the constellation of stars in the constellation Sagittarius.

The planet is just a few hundred kilometres (miles) from its star and is around 10 times bigger than Neptune.

The name was coined in response to the fact that the planetoid was known to have a rocky core and not a rocky mantle, as Neptune is.

Jupiter-Asteroids have also been observed around a rocky world in the solar neighborhood.

The new planetoid orbits its star at an angle, so it’s unlikely to be a planet in its own right, said lead author, professor Greg Smith.

“It’s probably the closest thing we have to an icy world that’s been discovered so far,” he said.

The discovery of the planet was made using the Keck telescope, which can see light from a star at more than 8,000 kilometres (4,300 miles) away.

It has also been studied by a group of Australian astronomers led by the University of Melbourne.

The star is the third-biggest star in our galaxy, just behind the sun and its companion, the giant star known as our Milky Way.

It was named after the Greek god of the dead, Triton, who died about 1,500 years ago.

The researchers said the planet has a mass about one-third that of Jupiter.

Jupiter’s size and the star’s orbit suggest that the two planets formed as a pair of planets around a massive star, and the two systems now are orbiting each other.

They also said the star has a habit of being in a transit orbit around the star.

This transit orbits around the planet at an altitude of about 1.6 million kilometres (750,000 miles).

“It is a very interesting discovery that has to be studied,” said Smith.

Astronomers have been searching for habitable worlds in our solar neighborhood for years.

The search has found that the atmospheres of many planets in our Solar System are filled with liquid water, and some have even had life on the surface.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that planets orbiting other stars can be rocky and watery, but the existence of any planets orbiting the same star is unknown.

It remains to be seen whether this planetoid is a rocky planet or just a rocky one.

Scientists have discovered two planets orbiting a star that is thought to be too hot to support life.

Astronomer David Wieseltier discovered the planet in 2006, but it has only been confirmed twice more.

It is a small star with a relatively small orbit and an estimated mass of about 4,400 kilograms.

It orbits the star about once every 100 years.

Astronomically, the discovery of a planet around a giant star is very rare.

It’s only happened twice before in the past 100 years, and those discoveries have been made using different telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

The finding of Jupiter-Cadenia-Tauro-Kappa in the distant solar system is the second such discovery of an astrological system.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

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