Astrology and astrology books in India

The Astrology and Astrology Books in India (AASIK) has just published an advertisement for astrology and its applications in India.

The ad was put up on its website, and it features a picture of a woman with her arm around a stone with an arrow pointing towards her chest, a woman in a circle around her, and a woman holding a crystal in her hand, the ad reads.

The advertisement was published on March 23, and is aimed at women, the advertisement reads.

“Our ad is not for you to buy, just read the ad and ask the question.

There are many astrologers in India and India is the most astrologically inclined country in the world, it is a very good place to study astrology,” the ad read.

The AASIK has a list of over 20,000 astrology products, which includes Astrology Book of India, Astrology Journal, Astrologers Book of Books, Astrological Chart of India and Astrology of India.

It also has a catalog of over 30,000 Astrology books.

AASik has not yet responded to questions on why it has put up the ad, but it has already started receiving calls from people.

The company also has two other ads on its site for sale.

A couple of days ago, the company posted a photo of a man in a bikini with an astrological chart on his phone.

The advertisement has been widely shared on social media.

This is just the latest advertisement by a major Indian company for astrology.

In January, a billboard in Delhi featuring a picture on a wall featuring a woman, wearing a black bikini and holding a red crystal appeared in a major city.

According to a report by CNN, the AASK has also been involved in marketing a book called  The Astrologer’s Companion to Astrology for women, titled Astrology: A Book for Women. 

The book is priced at Rs 8,999.

The advertising was first posted on AASIK’s website on March 19.

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